The Ledbury

This summer, we were lucky enough to get a reservation at the Ledbury. It has two Michelin stars, and came in at #14 in the world’s 50 best restaurants in 2016.IMG_0500

As always, Hobbes opted for the standard tasting menu, and I asked for the vegetarian version. This strategy helps us sample a lot of food between the two of us 🙂

We started with 2 courses of amuse-bouche.

The vegetarian version.

The bread. The goat milk butter was to die for!


The first course. Chilled Yellow Tomato Soup with Langoustine Jelly and Mustard Sorbet


(V) Spring Vegetables – Pea and Lovage Cream, Parmesan, and Hazelnut Oil


The second course. White Beetroot, Baked in Clay, Caviar Salt, and Smoked Eel


(V) White Beetroot, Baked in Clay, Goat’s Cheese and Walnuts


The third course. Warm Pheasant’s Egg, Celeriac, Arbois, Dried Ham and Truffle


(V) Warm Pheasant’s Egg, Shaved Celeriac, Truffle Vinaigrette and Arbois


The fourth course. Roast Scallops, Elderflower, Liquorice, and Fennel


(V) Trompette Courgettes, Basil and Lemon


The fifth course. Jowl of Pork, Apricot and Carrot Joice


(V) Carrots Baked in Juniper, Apricot and Cracked Wheat


The sixth course. Aged Pigeon, Cherries, Red Leaves and Vegetables


(V) Roast Cauliflower, Jersey Royal Cream Cream, Girolles and Almonds




Desserts. Brown Sugar Tart, and Stem Ginger Ice Cream

And, finally, the mignardises.

The service was great. The staff compared notes so they could all carry a conversation forward from where their colleague left off. We found this very charming 🙂 Like all fine dining establishments, the portion sizes were small – but big enough to allow the flavors to explode in one’s mouth. We were quite full by the third or the fourth course and had to walk around to make room for more food.

The food was delicious, and the taste and the presentation were apt for their rating. The Ledbury was certainly one of the highlights of our London trip!


The Ledbury