Delicacies from distant lands

Hobbes had taken a Moroccan cooking class sometime back, following which, we promptly purchased a tagine. I’m not a cook, but I find tagines beautiful to look at. In my opinion, they are one of the prettiest kitchen equipment. And so, for quite some time, our tagine occupied a prominent place at home as a decorative piece, and served as an excellent conversation starter.

Last summer, we had chicken tagine at a small restaurant in Rome. It was delicious and reminded us that we had an amazing piece of pottery at home, just sitting there and doing nothing. And so, after procuring all the necessary ingredients, it was put to good use. The end result was delectable!

Now that this tagine has been inaugurated with successful results, the plan is to procure more of these beautiful pots. And use them 🙂

On the same trip, we also got introduced to some amazing desserts, one of which was kunafah. Think gooey goodness in an edible format. And since we were completely wooed with it, Hobbes had to do what he always does. Another trip was made to ethnic grocery stores and unfamiliar label names were deciphered. It was all a labor of love, and well worth it. The kunafah was a big hit with our guests. They even asked for some to take home 🙂

Here’s to discovering many more foods from faraway lands. Not to mention, re-creating and relishing them in our own kitchen!

Delicacies from distant lands

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