For the love of reading

I had been a decent reader during and soon after my college days. But as life went on, I slowly stopped reading. Reading real books, that is. I would still read business and technical books, but most of my pleasure reading would be online. Every now and then I would pick up a book, but it would take me months to finish it. Or worse, I would abandon it half way through, justifying to myself that had I not been so busy, I would certainly have finished it. I feared that I had forgotten how to read for fun.

Over the last few months, I’ve been trying to re-learn how to read just for the pleasure of reading. The local library has become a favorite haunt of mine. Yesterday I picked up The Kite Runner. It was published in 2003 so I am very late in getting to the book. But what a book! Der aaye durust aaye. A part of the book happens in my corner of the world, so that familiarity and identification was an added bonus. Thank you Khaled Hosseini for assuring me that I can still get lost in a book. That a story can still fascinate me enough to forget about everything else. And that I can still finish a book in six hours.

For the love of reading

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